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Product name

Efficient Evaporative Modular Chiller(Low Temperature)

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1.1. Can meet the cooling requirements.
1.2. There are a variety of environmentally friendly refrigerants can choose.
1.3. To meet the needs of shopping malls, office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, railway stations, airports and other buildings of cold water and process cooling.
1.4. The use of international brands Full closure vortex or semi-hermetic screw compressors, reliable, efficient, energy-saving.
1.5. Use the Efficient of shell and tube heat exchanger, If the evaporator with full liquid type relatively dry evaporator, the heat transferefficiency is increased by 15%.
1.6. Energy-efficient,Than the water cooled chiller system energy saving more than 20%,Than air-cooled chiller system energy saving more than 35%.
1.7. Using the Hongkong oceanair industrial company production advanced microcomputer control program, Powerful、stable performance.
1.8. Using the full English color touch screen interface humanization design.
1.9. Have a comprehensive security features to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.
1.10. High-quality raw materials and accessories choice,Ensure the quality of the unit.
1.11. Strict omnidirectional appearance test, users can rest assured.
1.12.By customer’s requirements, we supply modular water chiller, evaporative modular water chiller, marine chiller, boat water chiller, marine chiller air conditioning etc.
1.13.We supply design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintainance, consultance and good after-sales service.

Unit Cold Heat Range:
Cooling capacity: 48 kW—1850Kw

Technical manual

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