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Stock Code:831870   Tel: +86-535-3463333  +864001010276   E-mail: oceanair@

Yantai Oceanair Another Evaporative Water-cooled Chiller Was Successfully Completed in Qingdao Juxin Rizhao Food Company

Yantai Oceanair Another Evaporative Water-cooled Chiller Was Successfully Completed in Qingdao Juxin Rizhao Food Company

Company news
2018/12/26 12:11
On Nov. 2018, the installation & commissioning of air conditioning project in Qingdao Juxin Rizhao Food Co., Ltd. was successfully finished by Yantai Oceanair. It was smoothly accepted and successfully paid for use.
It takes three months to install and commission this workshop air conditioning project. 
In order to actively respond to the national policies and guidelines of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon economy, it was chosen the evaporative screw water chiller, it can automatically unload or load the cooling output according to the change of system load, the effect of energy-saving is obvious. These types of evaporative water chiller feature are as follows,
1. This chiller was designed in split, settled above the roof of the building, no occupying the interior space, which avoids the blanching, loud noise and other defects occurring in traditional water-cooled chiller. It makes the building surroundings more comfortable.
2. It does not need the cooling tower and cooling water pumps, which makes the chiller and terminal control more flexible,
3. It can reduce the maintenance charges of the cooling water chemical treatment and cooling tube, which makes the daily management more convenient.
This air conditioning project terminal is horizontal concealed fan coil, external supplying cold water and hot water. This terminal equipment can adjust the refrigeration and heating for room. This size of fan coil is compact, pipe connection is easy, with little space occupation, easily shift and convenient installation. In addition, the fan coil design is reasonable with low operation noise, which makes a quite environment to avoid influencing the work and study. Meanwhile, as a speed adjustable machine, the fan coil not only save energy but also has a permanent capacitor motor, reflecting the unique advantages of energy conservation.

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